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My name is Sara,


I was born in the 90’s in the beautiful island of Madeira. Do you know Cristiano Ronaldo? He was born there too :-). I lived there until I was 18 years old, then I went to college for four years in Covilhã, a small town in countryside of Portugal.


Now I’m in Lisbon where I had the opportunity to work in the Goodnight Lisbon Hostel.

This city has already surprised me so much that I don’t know if I want to leave anytime soon, you’ll understand what I’m saying when you get here.


You can find everything in this city, good weather, beautiful people, good vibes, and I know you’ll be as well received by the city and the Goodnight Lisbon Hostel staff as I did. I feel almost at home.

I could say many more things about me but I'm sure that will be plenty opportunities to get to know each other better. Do as I did and don’t think twice about visiting this wonderful city. 

Wanna keep in touch? Check my facebook!

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