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Hey Guys. my name is João. I'm 25 years old, I was born and raised in Lisbon.


I’m a professional in the art of sleeping and eating, so when i’m not sleeping i like to watch culinarie shows and put it to taste, as well as, read a good book, a movie or football evening.


Apart from that i also have a dangerous side, that envolves Hiking, Camping straight into the wild nature.I truly belive that i can make the gods smile on the stormiest day!


As everybody has a dark side, there are a couple of things that annoys me, for example, the diabolic popcorn that stay stuck between my teeth during a movie or when my pinky finger hit the corner of the furniture. The truth of the matter is that I have a huge problem with popcorns and pinky fingers in general.

About my favourite things in Lisbon, a friendly city with an incredible variety of Hidden Cultural Treasures to discovery, surprising sights, such as “Miradouros” our a new concept of terrace, that make it a paradise for walkers and photographers. Here you can drink a cold beer or a glass of wine and eat typical dishes, the best plan for a sunny day with friends.


Why Goodnight Lisbon Hostel? I really enjoy being in a place where many different cultures meet in one place, new experiences and new points of view.I couldn’t have done my travels without the help and kindness of local people. Now it’s my turn to give back at Goodnight Lisbon Hostel.

Let’s enjoy the sunny side of life

Wanna keep in touch? Check my facebook!

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