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My name is Joana and I was born and raised in Lisbon.


I have lived in Italy and Spain for a few years. That experience was incredible because I met different languages, people, cultures and places.


Traveling is one of my favorite things and the impossibility to do it all the time, took me to welcome you here like I would like to be.


What can I say about my City? First, I can ensure that you can find the mistic, the bohemic and the melancolic together, in one place full of light, life and movement.


Lisbon is the place where something new crosses you, all the time, in the incredible hilly and narrow streets, in every conners, on the "miradouros" that are scattered everywhere and where you have the pleasure to see diferent views. And this magic makes me say: i can feel a tourist in my own city .


What are you waiting for? what is holding you back? Plan your trip and come to Lisbon now!! We are waiting for you and I really hope to see you as soon as possible.

Wanna keep in touch? Check my facebook

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