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Best Hostel in Town takes you to Conquer Lisbon's Castle

The Castelo de S. Jorge occupies a privileged area of the old medieval álcaçova (citadel) and consists of the castle, ruins of the former royal palace and part of neighborhood for the elite. 


The castle’s name originated as a tribute to Saint George, who’s most popular legend revolves around his bravery to save a virgin from the claws of a dragon. 

In the inside of the castle we find the Interpretation Centre of Olisipónia, a multimedia system showing the history of Lisbon. A real journey from the earliest time till the 20th century. Lisbon, before Olisipo, which means City of Ulysses according to a famous legend in which the presence of the Greek navigator gave the city its name, tells the story of the Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims, of achievements and discoveries.


Still inside the walls are a lot of beautiful promenades, gardens, houses, a church and many viewpoints, which deserve a closer and more careful look. As well, the surrounding neighbourhoods, born on the slopes of the castle, and which still to these days breathe history in their picturesque architecture, still carrying the sounds that probably inspired Lisbon’s Fado style, which is said to have some of its origins in these quarters, still showing its deep attachment to this musical style and its unique culture. Spring and Summer event.

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